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Regardless of the scope of your operations - small or large - we provide for full scalability of the staffing - also on short notice.

Following the extending demands of the Customer, the services of Axell Employment can be extended by transport & warehousing support offered by Axell Logistics & by financial & HR support provided by Axell Financial. We grow and scale with you and for you, adding value together!


As a specialist in the Netherlands and Poland we offer the most creative and flexible solutions to support the production and logistics of our customers by delivering both people and services".  Marc Fremouw, CEO Axell Group As a Group, located in the best strategical European points, offering flexible solutions in logistics and production and with delivering employment we are very valued business partner, based on tradition and long-term relationships. The Netherlands  for centuries has been the largest European center of sea transport and connected to its infrastructure, logistics and transport network, while Poland plays a key role in European  road, rail and waterway transport as it is here that  the route North-South and East-West intersect. To meet the expectations of our customers, we offer flexible solutions, such as in-house services or value added logistic.

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