The Axell ensurances

We offer our temporary workers standard HollandZorg Basisverzekering insurance, which:

-covers for basic medical treatment procedures: hospitalization, emergencies, family doctor

-allows to obtain medical assisstance throughout Netherlands, from medical units that comply with Axell quality standards

-is a guarantee of fast and efficient medical assisstance



For those recruited for logistics services in the Netherlands we propose using the offer of Hollcert Opleiding & Training. This company specializes in trainings for safe and proper usage of forklifts, reachtrucks, heftrucks, EPTs. Additionally we cooperate with JUMACOM Opleidingsinstituut & Vertaalbureauoffers who offer a B-VCA course in Polish, aimed at educating on Dutch requirements in terms of work risks and safety.



Axell has 30 residential locations scattered throughout the Netherlands so that employees can be placed near the work place. Houses have all improvements including wireless internet and are comfy place for rest. Each location has a well-equipped kitchen and bathroom, and a living room  with modern RTV equipment. In Poland we also offer our Ukrainian employees comfortable locations in the biggest city of Eastern Poland.



Axell makes easy for employees to access work. Axell has a fleet of over 250 cars on a daily basis transferring employees to and from work, often offering also free transfers from Poland to the Netherlands.

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